Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Rhona Silver – Taking Catering In America To Newer Heights

“Starting from a small family owned catering business to buying the largest catering hall in the country, she has done it all. Her latest venture of bringing the online portal to the television screen, jointly with Bray Entertainment, is highly anticipated and is a reflection of her zeal to bring innovation in the field.” is the latest venture that has been brought forward to the world of catering by Rhona Silver. Ms. Silver who has been in the industry for more than four decades now, has always been a pioneer in bringing something innovative in the field of catering. Her venture Huntington Townhouse, is till date considered to be one of the biggest achievements of her career. From hosting the parties for some of the most reputed names in the country to guiding people who are willing to take up professional catering, she has always been a front runner in all of these activities. is her attempt to bring innovation in the field of catering. With this online portal, she has again taken over the world of catering. The website has been a huge success, since its launch last year. It is expected that soon, we will be watching the debut of on the TV screens as well. Bray Entertainment, the creators of Pawn Stars (a hit television program), is expected to work on the project. Let us see what impact does this tv show creates on the catering world.

Rhona Silver has always been associated with an attitude to never back down. Even after being in the business for more than 40years, she still has the zeal and vigour of a young girl. It is expected that we are going to see a lot more innovative ideas from this catering goddess in the years to come.