Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Rhona Silver- A Silver Lining In The Cloud Of Catering!

Rhona Silver is a silver lining in the skies of the catering industry. She has redefined the entire process of catering that the industry followed in the past and is now one of the top most leaders in the industry”.

Ms. Silver was fascinated by food and presentation even as a young kid. She used to take deep interest in the small details of catering even while she was a youngster. This is why she pursued her dreams and finally set up a beautiful catering business. Her Huntington Townhouse, was one of the most sought after party places in the yesteryear, and is still remembered as a delightful place to celebrate parties, weddings and other special events. It used to be graced by the presence of many high profile people such as celebrities and politicians as well as commoners.

She taught her team at Caterbid, a great deal from her personal experience through years and this is what reflects in the sort of services that the firm is ready to provide the clients currently. She is one of those people who have completely changed the way people look at catering services. It is not simply the process of serving food at events. It has now become a more planned and detailed way of creating the ambience of the event, making and serving the most mouth-watering food one could imagine.

Her fame has spread far and wide and this probably one of the reasons why she is now ready to put her experiences on paper and come up with an innovative book to share her work with the world. This book shall be of a major help for people who are interested in becoming chefs or caterers themselves. It shall enhance skill and knowledge, while giving way to novel ideas that can work wonders in the time to come.