Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Enjoy Delicious and Yummy Seafood Restaurant at London

As I am a business woman here in London and working for one of London based multinationals, I have meetings with potential clients constantly. I just love to convince clients to start doing business with us. Our company is based in Central London, overlooking the city, a wonderful look as I may say so!

I have been trying to set up a meeting with a very important potential client, for two weeks now. Finally he accepted and as I know that he is a difficult one, I had to take him out for lunch. As they say ‘the way to a man's heart is through his stomach’! Know I was thinking where shall I take him? Soho? Yes Soho, so diverse, vibrant and awesome!! Seafood, Italian, French, Britisch, Mexican or Chinese, too many to choose from?!? Seafood with a British and French accent would be perfect, would be perfect…so stylish but elegant! I have definitely no time to look for a restaurant in Soho, serving Seafood and British and French dishes and that is good enough to do a lunch meeting at. I asked my assistant to have a look for me.

She came back to me so quickly that I was astonished! Randall an Aubin, she said, they are based in Soho and famous for their seafood and they also serve British and French dishes and their rotisserie meats are amazingly delicious. Tell me more darling, I asked? Then it was‘such a sexy and elegant place with a fantastic atmosphere’. Wonderful, Randall and Aubin it is then! She made an appointment for in two days and I just couldn’t wait to taste Randall and Aubin’s menu.

I arrived at Randall and Aubin a bit earlier, just to find us a nice table and prepare myself. The restaurant looked amazing, it had the atmosphere I hoped for, the staffs was professional but so laidback- I fell in love with Randall and Aubin right away. The meeting started, he complimented me on my choice of restaurant. Good Job I thought! We ordered delicious seafood, it was just mouth-watering! The meeting went very well and I was wright the way to a man’s heart is through its stomach. As he was signing the contract, the waiter brought us champagne, as if he knew that champagne was exactly what we needed at that exact moment. I did tell the staff that I had a very important meeting and that I wanted to WOW him. There they were with champagne, just perfect!

I was so astonished by Randall and Aubin’s service and their seafood that I had to give a worthwhile tip, I never bothered, but this was worth it. I had amazing time and enjoyed delicious seafood at this restaurant in vibrant Soho! A perfect place for meeting, if you ask me.

Back at the office I talked about this restaurant for a long time and just couldn’t resist going back to Randall & Aubin the following week. I since this meeting have tried lunch and the takeaway service – couldn’t resist… to get lunch or dinner delivered straight to the office. Easy, delicious and there when you need it! For more information please visit: