Thursday, May 03, 2018

Use SEO Tips To Make Your Video Viral!

A lot of business owners create online videos on channels like YouTube etc. and the main motive of the company is for the video to go viral. But is it a strategy of the company to make the video go viral? Is it something that can be predicted? Or can it be executed and replicated in such a manner that it gets continued results? Instead of beating your head on how to make the video viral; start concentrating on some SEO services on to how to optimize the videos on the search results?

There were a lot of campaigns or short films that were uploaded by companies that became an instant hit among the masses. It had generated a lot of views on YouTube by the customers, but those companies were not able to generate the same results on their other ads! This happened because if it had been able to crack the viral video code then it could have easily duplicated the results again!

The problem with this concept is that usually the internet marketing company simply cross their fingers and hope for the video to go viral. The expectations of the audiences are constantly changing, and the number of shares that you get on a video is an external factor which just cannot be predicted. But one can control the way the videos can be searched to get optimum results. When you are aware as to what your audience is searching, then you can simply place your videos in front of them for higher visibility.

You need to follow these three simple SEO Services while creating the videos, to optimize them and to get them higher rankings in the search results-

Recognize Your Keywords

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to check as to how many searches is a word or a phrase generating every month in Google. Try to experiment with different keywords, and if you have a local SEO company then you can try using the name of your city in the phrase to generate more searches. Get as many as 30 targeted keywords and phrases that are getting more than 3,000 local views every month from your targeted customers.

Build Your Video Around Your Keywords

When you have recognized the popular keywords or phrases then create videos around these topics. Try to keep your videos as short as possible and it should be simple but with full of attitude! Your video should not be longer than two or three minutes and it should have only one major point that should be communicated in the video. When you follow this process then it would make your videos more appealing for the audience to watch and enjoy! Make sure your video has the targeted keywords and if you have a list of 10 targeted keywords then make 10 videos with those keywords on them.

Upload and Optimize

When you have uploaded the videos then you need to add the specified keywords to the title with the description and the tags field. This would inform YouTube about your video and you can even try and upload a transcript of your video. This would provide YouTube with more information about your video and it would also improve the rankings!

Be consistent to deliver lasting results on YouTube. When you upload the videos along with your keyword searches then the audience would be able to view the videos on a constant basis and make it go viral!