Sunday, May 06, 2018

Discover the Changing Nature of SEO

If we are a part of the SEO world then we need to constantly keep an eye on the changing nature of SEO. If we do not keep ourselves updated with the latest trends of this domain, then soon we may run into huge losses for our company. The industry is evolving at a rapid pace and the only way to keep abreast of the latest trends is create only high quality content. This concept is not just for one person, inbound marketer or an agency this is true for all who are working in this field.

The concept of SEO has changed and changed for the better, and its future lies in a complex relationship with content marketing, social media, and shared technology. Google has always kept updating itself with a lot of changes like, Google Panda and Caffeine and they focus on high quality content and its relevancy. Due to these updates a lot of professionals working in SEO Company and SMO Company had to change the way of their working by focusing on quality content, social media, and latest technology. Even Yahoo and Bing have changed their route and are now travelling the road to content marketing and social media.

This is true that high quality content is not easy to create and it’s not even cheap! But the game of SEO has got very difficult and it requires extra amount of time and effort. When we create high quality content then we get a lot of benefits like-

@ Better and improved traffic from all social media channels
@ Growth in the numbers of public and audience in terms of followers
@ Improved level of traffic from various links and referral sites
@ Increased level of customer interaction and user statistics
@ Growth in the number of newsletters and internal blog subscriptions
@ Brand recognition and promotion

It has been proved that posting daily blog posts increase traffic. It is reported that 30% of the internet marketers spend their time in creating and managing content. It is necessary to value the importance of SEO campaigns, and one cannot consider the first page search engine rankings to be the sole indicator of the success and value of this industry.
Gone are the days when you could have just relied on driving traffic from long tail keywords and selling ones client on first page rankings. Industry has undergone a change, and the focus has now shifted to KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). When one has a better understanding of the KPI’s in relation to traffic, conversions, community then it would lead to a better campaign success too.

The rank of the author needs to be very important and just hiring professional writers may not be enough for this industry. One needs to hire such employees who are experts in that industry and who develops high quality content according to the topic. Google has already started planning for its next challenge in author ranking and its effect of SERP’s. Author Rank would definitely not be a replacement for Page Rank but it would certainly use its tools to inform Page rank to rank the content more appropriately.

Now people have become more knowledgeable and they want to read content written by only credible and knowledgeable people. They can now onwards simply use Author Rank as a judging factor to choose authors. So now onwards the professionals of SEO Company and SMO Company Delhi need to focus on only high quality content that are written by experts to value their clients.