Thursday, May 10, 2018

Understanding Augmentation Mammoplasty or Breast Implant

Breast Augmentation or Augmentation Mammoplasty refers to a surgical procedure that is aimed to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast.

Why should you consider breast implant surgery?

To enhance your body contour, if you feel your breast size is too small

To restore breast volume that you may have lost due to pregnancy or any other illness

For better symmetry when breasts are moderately disproportionate in size and shape

To improve the shape of your breasts that are sagging or have lost firmness

To provide the foundation of a breast contour when a breast has been removed or disfigured by surgery to treat breast cancer

However, before you consider breast implant surgery India, you first need to decide whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery. The best candidates for the surgery are women who are looking for improvement in their looks, but, are realistic in their expectations; if you are healthy and realistic in expectations, you may be an ideal candidate for the surgery.

Components of a Breast Implant:

The shell which is made of silicone

The filler inside the implant can be sealed silicone gel (Silicone Implant) or be filled at the time of surgery with Saline (Saline Implant).

It is to be noted that silicone gel implants and saline filled implants are the two most commonly used implants


A lot depends on the anatomy and your surgeon’s recommendation. Surgeons make the incision either in the crease where the breast meets the chest, around the areola, or in the armpit. In addition, a saline implant may be placed through an incision at the navel. Every effort is made by the surgeon for ensuring lesser scars on the body. Working through the incision, the surgeon lifts the breast tissue and skin to create a pocket. Once the implant is positioned within this pocket, the surgeon closes the incisions with sutures, skin adhesive and/or surgical tape. A standard breast implant surgery India should usually take one to two hours to complete.

Even after the surgery, you’ll have to confine yourself to bed for days so as to make the most out of surgery. Make sure you follow your doctor’s guidelines to every word and report to him/her in case you experience severe pain.

There are several good hospitals around, which offer breast implant surgery India at affordable costs. Search online and you’ll find several of them. Also, check whether your insurance plan covers this type of surgery.

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