Sunday, May 06, 2018

Tips In Making Offer To Buy A Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Home

Here are some helpful tips in order to submit a successful real estate offer in today’s Fort Lauderdale real
estate market.

1. Find Out What the Target Property Is Really Worth
You have to let your realtor perform a financial valuation on the target property by checking sales similar to the
property you are interested. This means that in the same vicinity and within the last three to six months.
There could be some information that you want to know such as how long the property has been in the market
and how many times the price has been reduced. These questions are very important in making analysis.
2. Make Sure You Offer What You Are Prepared To Pay, But Be Reasonable
Make sure you have all of your due diligence performed and make an offer based upon the results of your
research. Make the offer at what you expect to pay. In making offer you have to be sure that the price that you
offer is reasonable enough for the property.
Do not make an offer that is lower, as if you are not interested to buy the property. Offer a good price on the Fort
Lauderdale real estate home or condo. Having a lower offer can loose the opportunity to buy the home that you
want. You have to be professional in your approach when buying a Fort Lauderdale real estate property.
3. Make the Offer Count
Make sure that when you submit the offer it is a fully executed contract. If you have a pre-approved letter of proof
of funds, this will provide even more verify to the seller that you are really interested to negotiate and you are
serious on what you offer.
4. Be Prepared To Negotiate
There are many buyers and agents who are not skilled in the art of negotiation. There are two main aspects to
negotiate on every contract, terms and price. Be reasonable and flexible in your approach and issue a mandate
that the agent representing you does the same.
5. Be Prepared to Close
But there are some people who enter into a contract without the intention of closing. You may receive counter
offer from the seller.
If you have an agent who can properly put together a reasonable offer and submit it formally, you will be in good
position to enter the negotiation stage of the process and if all goes well you could be closing your new Fort
Lauderdale real estate home.
Eliza Maledevic Ayson
Fort Lauderdale Real Estate