Sunday, May 06, 2018

T&S Roofing Systems – Customer Testimonial Pinecrest Roofing Miami

T&S Roofing Systems was the company we chose to replace our old tile roof in Pinecrest. Since our house is a very big house compared to the typical house in our area, we did extensive research prior to choosing the company to replace our roof. When we called T&S Roofing Systems, the receptionist was very friendly and courteous. The estimator who visited our house met with us for over 2 hours explaining the roofing process and was extremely helpful. He educated us about different quality roofing products and we were surprised how much we needed to know before getting into aroofing project.

After visiting several of their previous jobs in the area and speaking with different homeowners that worked with them, we got nothing but positive feedback and we knew this was the company to go with. It took exactly 6 weeks to get our roof completed. I was amazed how efficiently the crews worked. The communication from the office was incredible. We knew exactly what days they were going to work, when the inspections were going to take place, when the tiles we expected to arrive and everything went exactly as planned. I know not every job is perfect but T&S Roofing Systems went out of their way to make sure our concerns were addressed and all of our questions were answered. My wife and I are grateful for the work T&S Roofing Systems has performed on our house and Im happy to say that after working on our house, they also did work for 2 colleagues who were also just as happy with their service. I commend T&S Roofing Systems for their hard work and dedication and I recommend them highly.

J. Hickens, Pinecrest